25 Nov 2016 - LPF at The Reform Club, Pall Mall

THE LPF returned to The Reform Club, Pall Mall on the evening of Friday, 25th November 2016. Leading barrister Mr Stuart McKechnie gave the guest lecture on “The Role of a Doctor in an Age of Conflict”.


Mr Stuart McKechnie
9 Gough Square
London, UK


Dr Christophe Perruchoud
President, Swiss Neuromodulation Society
Consultant in Pain Medicine & Anaesthesia
Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Management
Ensemble Hospitalier de la Côte (EHC)
Morges, Switzerland


*The Meeting was approved for 3 CPD by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, London, UK


The Reform Club was founded in 1836, in Pall Mall, in the centre of what is often called London’s Clubland.  The founders commissioned a leading architect of the day, Charles Barry, to build an imposing and palatial clubhouse.  It is as splendid today as when it opened in 1841.  Membership was restricted to those who pledged support for the Great Reform Act of 1832, and the many MPs and Whig peers among the early members developed the Club as the political headquarters of the Liberal Party.

The current membership embraces a wide range of professions; there are academics, artists, business people, doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and so on.  J. M. Barrie, Henri Cartier Bresson, Winston Churchill, E. M. Forster, Henry James, Lord Palmerston, William Makepeace Thackeray, and H. G. Wells were all members, and the Club continues to attract members of distinction.

The Club will forever be associated with Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days, as the place where the idea of this incredible journey was conceived and the famous bet made.